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  Over the years, Tiburon International Film Festival has had a special place for women filmmakers. TIFF has shown more than 1000 "independent" films made by women directors and producers over the years. It has launched many careers, supported, and made a home for women directors from around the world. This year is no exception. But before we mention those who are participating in the program this year, let's go back to the beginning of invention and discovery of Motion Pictures, and the role the women played from the very beginning. According to Wikipedia:

"Alice Guy-Blaché was a film pioneer and likely the first female director. Working for the Gaumont Film Company in France at the time that the cinema was being invented, she created La Fée aux Choux (1896). The dates of many early films are speculative, but La Fée aux Choux may well be the first narrative film ever released. She served as Gaumont's head of production from 1896 to 1906 and ultimately produced hundreds of silent films in France and the United States. American-born director, Lois Weber was coached and inspired by Guy-Blaché and found success in creating silent films.[4] Weber is well known for her films Hypocrites (1915), The Blot (1921), and Suspense (1913). Weber's films often focus on difficult social issues. For instance, her film Where Are My Children? (1916) addresses the controversial issues of birth control and abortion. And she questioned the validity of capital punishment in The People vs. John Doe (1916).

Mabel Normand was another significant early female filmmaker. She started as an actress and became a producer-writer-director in the 1910s, working on the first shorts Charlie Chaplin did as The Tramp at Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios. She further collaborated with Sennett on other Keystone films and, during the late 1910s and early 1920s, she had her own movie studio and production company. Women screenwriters were highly sought after in the early years of the cinema. Frances Marion, Anita Loos, and June Mathis all had successful careers in the silent and early sound eras. Mathis was also the first female executive in Hollywood."

So, women have been around making films since the beginning of cinema and are no strangers to this art form. We salute them for making the world of cinema a better place!

This year, these talented female directors are shining at the 19th Annual Tiburon International Film Festival:

Barbara Kopple
Caroline Liviakis
Christina Tournatzés
Eluned Zoe Aiano
Anna Benner
Hélèna Serra
Maxime Sabisik
Helher Escribano
Irena Pavlásková
Irene Zoe Alameda
Charlotte Poncin
Laura Nix
Linda Dombrovszky
Meg Shutzer
Chelsea Eng
Victoria Chaya Miranda

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