I Tita, A Life of Tango
Year:  2017
Running Time:  111 minutes
Country:  Argentina
Language:  Spanish with English subtitles
Genre:  Musical
Venue:  Playhouse Theater [40 Main Street, Tiburon]
Cast:  Mercedes Funes, Damian De Santo, Esther Goris, Andrea Pietra, Ludovico Di Santo Mario Pasik
Showtime:   Saturday, April 13, 2019 @ 03:45 PM
Director:  María Teresa Costantini

  This biopic of renowned tango singer and actress Tita Merello traces her career starting with her early performances in the cabarets of Buenos Aires through her discovery and meteoric rise in theater and film. As the beloved Tita, actress Mercedes Fuentes is captivating, bringing style and charm to her portrayal of the larger-than-life star. Tita’s celebrated tangos and unique singing style punctuate this elegant period drama, filled with beautiful details of the sounds and styles of the times.

An alluring melodrama inspired by the life of the actress, singer and dancer Tita Merello, I Tita, a Life of Tango takes this fascinating figure from the golden age of Argentine cinema and gives her the sweeping treatment she deserves.

Assembling a seductive audiovisual ambiance from the clothes, architecture, and music of old Buenos Aires, writer-director María Teresa Costantini, and her meticulous collaborators bring Tita’s wild life and times to vivid life.

About Tita Merello:

She was born in poverty and neglect, and suffered privations and abandonment from a very young age. In her more than seventy years of artistic career, Tita Merello voiced her own life and delivered to the audience the most genuine side of her painful character. From a very young age she invented herself as a singer by interpreting with humour rancheras, milongas and tangos reos (popular folk music genres of the Río de la Plata area) in third-rate cabarets. A tireless seeker, Tita then adopted tango and gave it a new and unique twist. Her husky, coarse voice and her brazen manner of speaking soon established her in the scene.

Tita accomplished memorable creations of such greatness that no other vocalist of her time ventured to include them in their repertoires without fear of failure. “The Girl from the Suburbs” (“Arrabalera”), “Corn” (“El choclo”), “They say about me” (“Se dice de mí”), “Unrefined” (“Pipistrela”), “Rich kid” (“Niño bien”) and “Milonga and me” (“La milonga y yo”) are all milestones in her singing career. Tita was a short brunette of beautiful legs, sensuous lips and insinuating eyes who, behind the façade of a brazen, daring woman, kept hidden an incurable grief. In cinema, Tita soon proved to be a great drama actress. Her freshness, countenance and grace led her to appear in more than forty films. Her film career milestones include: Abasto Market (Mercado de Abasto), Filomena Marturano, The Islanders (Los Isleros). She was a contemporary of Anna Magnani, Édith Piaf and Amalia Rodríguez, and was compared to all of them. Her success drew producers of Hollywood, Italy and France to call on her, but Tita did not want to leave Buenos Aires, the city where she lived and died at the age of 96.

Tita arouse strong feelings of love and desire in many men. Yet she always said she had loved only one man, Luis Sandrini, an actor as famous as herself, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship that lasted ten years. She was friends with Eva Perón, as well as with the best musicians and artists of her time with whom she shared her success, glory, exile and exclusion. She once said: “I am my best character. A drama actress cries for herself when she plays a character.” To this day, Tita ´s audience has acclaimed her as one of the most popular women icons, the great performer, the universal Tita of Buenos Aires.

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