In the Palace
Year:  2018
Running Time:  22 minutes
Country:  Belgium
Language:  Dutch with English subtitles
Genre:  Musical
Venue:  Playhouse Theater [40 Main Street, Tiburon]
Cast:  Willeke Van Ammelrooy, Goele Derick, Anouk Fortunier, Tomas Pevenage, Lotte Diependaele
Showtime:   Wednesday, April 17, 2019 @ 04:00 PM
Director:  Nelson Polfliet

  When the elderly burlesque dancer Elvira wishes to see her deceased husband Jean one last time, it is the devil who comes to pick her up.

Duffel - Belgium, 1998. Elvira is an elderly burlesque dancer and owner of night club The Palace. She is a young woman trapped in an old body, stuck in her golden fifties, when she still operated her club with her now deceased husband Jean. Elvira spends her days wandering around in her museum of memories. Every day she opens her business and makes the necessary preparations for her big show; even though she has long forgotten all of her dance moves. Looking at some old images of her late husband and show partner Jean, Elvira wishes to see him one last time.

Elvira's strong desire to see her Jean once again brings the Devil on her path. With a lot of spectacles, he brings her the illusion that The Palace will revive and that Jean will once again appear on stage. In reality, the devil simply sets up Elvira's death.

Director Statement:

In the Palace shows the combined portrait of two of the most important people in my life. My mother, who was a striptease dancer; and my eternally nostalgic grandmother, who was sweet as pie and spent her days looking back at everything that had passed. Both have died, a car crash and severe cancer made them suddenly disappear. This film started for me as a study about their two personas, about the things that made them who they were. About the unfulfilled dreams and wishes they had and that died with them. In the Palace I try to grasp those 'lost dreams' at the end of human life, in the character of Elvira. Everything that Elvira has built up, the things and people she brought together in her 75-year-old life - not only her human contacts and memories but also her tangible memorabilia and 'things', suddenly lose their meaning and value when she dies. As soon as Elvira leaves, the Palace collapses like a gingerbread house after a fierce rain shower. One man's trash is the other man's treasure, is a harsh reality that I tried to convey with In the Palace. This film also tells the story about the collapse of the Flemish and Brussels local cinemas and theaters in the sixties and seventies, and in the case of In the Palace, the therefrom resulting downfall of its owner.

Screening with: Qualified

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