-- A Tribute to Kaye Ballard

  Please note: According to the estate of Kaye Ballard's attorney, the filmmakers did NOT clear the rights for the film, Kaye Ballard - the Show Goes On!, therefore, the festival regretfully had no choice but to cancel this program.

Tiburon International Film Festival proudly holds a tribute in honor of the great comedian, singer, actress, and television star Kaye Ballard, whose career has spanned eight decades. We salute Kaye and pay our homage with a documentary, Kaye Ballard - the Show Goes On!, covering her distinguished career, directed by Dan Wingate, who will be present at the screening.

Kaye was born on November 20, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then she has been on the cover of Life magazine, played the Tooth Fairy on Captain Kangaroo, and sipped tea in the Bronx with Mother Teresa. She knew she wanted to perform by the time she was five, and even before graduating high school, began to find work doing imitations of her favorite stars all around Ohio. Kaye performed in both Burlesque and Vaudeville, and before discovering the musical theatre, toured with the Spike Jones Orchestra for two years as featured vocalist and tuba player.

She went on to play every name nightclub that existed throughout the 1950's and '60's including The Bon Soir and The Blue Angel in New York, The Hungry I in San Francisco, and Mr. Kelly's in Chicago. She has appeared on every talk/variety show there ever was including, The Jack Parr Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Steve Allen Show, The Perry Como Show, The Carol Burnett Show, The Mike Douglas Show, and The Muppet Show.

Film credits include The Girl Most Likely with Jane Powell, A House Is Not A Home with Shelley Winters, Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster, Which Way To The Front? with Jerry Lewis, and The Ritz with Rita Moreno and Jerry Stiller.

Where she really made a name for herself was on Broadway in such shows as The Golden Apple, in which she introduced the standard, "Lazy Afternoon", the original company of Carnival as Rosalie, Molly, as Molly Goldberg, and Ruth in Pirates of Penzance.

Other credits include several record albums, including the first recording of Charles Schultz' Peanuts characters with Arthur Siegel, Ado Annie in the best selling version of Oklahoma! with Nelson Eddy, and several Ben Bagley compilations.

Kaye has also performed Mama Rose in Gypsy with both Jack Cassidy and Gavin MacLeod and been seen in Over the River and Through the Woods, Quartet, Funny Girl, Papermill's Follies, and two all-star versions of Dan Goggin's Nunsense.

Kaye Ballard Timeline:

1943 First Club Act
1944 Singer / Comedienne
1945 Singer / Comedienne
1946 Singer / Comedienne
1947-49 Once In A Lifetime
1950 Touch and Go
1951 Two On The Aisle
1952 Top Banana
1953 The Gershwin Rarities: Vol. 1 Studio Cast Recording
1954 The Golden Apple
1955 Lyrics By Lerner
1957 The Girl Most Likely
1958 The Jack Paar Show
1959 The Jack Paar Show
1960 Kaye Ballard Swings
1961 Carnival - The Perry Como Kraft Music Hall
1962 Boo Hoo - Ha Ha
1963 Wonderful Town The Beast In Me
1964 Ben Bagley's Cole Porter Revisited
1965 The Decline and Fall...Eyes Of Cole Porter
1966 The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson
1967 The Mothers-In-Law
1968 The Mothers-In-Law / Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
1970 The Mike Douglas Show
Love American Style Television Guest Host (4 weeks)
1971 The Doris Day Show / Here's Lucy
1972 The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson
1973 Molly / The Carol Burnett Show / Love American Style
1974 Sheba / Match Game
1975 Night Club Act / Persian Room, Plaza Hotel, NYC
1976 Night Club Act / The Ritz
1977 Alice Television
1978 The Love Boat
1979 The Love Boat
1980 Falling In Love Again
1981 Pirates of Penzance
1982 Night Of 100 Stars
1984 Hey, Ma . . . Kaye Ballard
1985 The Ladies Who Wrote The Lyrics /Full-Length LP Recording
1986 Nunsense
1987 Hey, Ma . . . Kaye Ballard
1988 Tiger Warsaw
1989 Eternity
1990 What A Dummy
1991 Hey, Ma! CD
1992 Say It With Music / Rainbow & Stars, NYC
1993 All My Children
1994 Due South
1995 Jaye & Kaye, Long Time Friends
1996 The Rosie O'Donnell Show Television Guest Appearance
1997 No, No, Nanette
1998 Follies
1999 Baby Geniuses
2000 The Million Dollar Kid
2001 The Full Monty Broadway Tour
2002 Quartet
2003 Nunsense
2004 The Pool Of Desire [Feature Film]
2005 Palm Springs Follies
2006 The View [Television Guest Appearance]
2019 Kay Ballard - the Show Goes On! [Feature Documentary]

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