The March of Hope
Year:  2017
Running Time:  79 minutes
Country:  UK/Germany
Genre:  Documentary
Venue:  Tiburon Library [1501 Tiburon Boulevard]
Showtime:   Thursday, August 09, 2018 @ 06:30 PM
Director:  Jim Kroft

  [Screening @ Tiburon Film Society]

Inverting the parameters of what a road movie should be, The March of Hope, tackles the plight of refugees from the most unlikely perspective: a little yellow van. Two friends set out from Berlin in the hope of learning first hand about the lives of refugees in Europe. During filming the “Refugee Crisis” would reach its apotheosis as the EU-Turkey Pact is agreed and the “Balkan Route” is closed. The documentary is a deeply personal and emotional perspective on the subject of human rights and challenges the thresholds of how a humanitarian crisis can be tackled in the film. Rather than becoming a film on refugees, it became a living document to the power of the human spirit in unspeakable circumstances.

The March of Hope is a celebration of everything which makes us a human, and a stinging rebuke in the film to the xenophobia growing in Europe.

Director Statement:

Sometimes, when the world has gone utterly mad - it takes a little yellow van, to help remember we are all human. I have called this film “The March of Hope” because I owed it to the refugees - to my friends - to make a film not about their experience as victims - but rather to the great expression of courage and human dignity I witnessed. Moreover, I wanted to make a testament to the lesson they taught me. That is that if these people can embody so many of the fundamentals of our humanity; laughter, generosity, hospitality, kindness - while undergoing the greatest challenges and pain - then surely the rest of us can too.

This is the Journey I have wrestled most within my mind, but equally, have felt called to in my heart. Unlike the other journeys, there are no gigs booked, and there is no fixed route or plan. Like the other journeys, I feel the need to take a look with my own eyes.

The March of Hope is about overcoming the things that divide us, and the courage to keep faith in what will forever connect us; our humanity.

Countries of Filming: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Serbia, Slovenia

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