Hopper: In His Words
Year:  2017
Running Time:  55 minutes
Country:  USA
Genre:  Documentary
Venue:  Playhouse Theater [40 Main Street, Tiburon]
Cast:  Dennis Hopper
Showtime:   Friday, April 20, 2018 @ 04:00 PM
Director:  Cass Warner

  Hopper: In His Words, a feature-length documentary about Dennis Hopper, one of Hollywood's most iconic actors, features no talking heads or pundits, but only the legendary “wild man” talking candidly about his long, yet erratic film career.

The documentary has a legendary pedigree as well, as it was written and directed by Emmy nominee Cass Warner Sperling, granddaughter of Harry M. Warner, President and one of the founders of Warner Bros. Studio.

It was with Warner Bros. that the 18-year-old Hopper signed his first contract and immediately went to work with James Dean on REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and then GIANT. He was blackballed in Hollywood, after his infamous run-in with the gruff and cranky director Henry Hathaway, leading to a decade-long hiatus from mainstream films.

A restless maverick and sometimes self-destructive genius, he became revered and reviled for his perfectionism. But few people understood the man behind the madman who brought an almost psychotic intensity to roles in EASY RIDER, APOCALYPSE NOW, BLUE VELVET and dozens of other masterpieces.

Dennis Hopper bridged the gap between old and new Hollywood, working with actors such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen and directors like George Stevens, Nicholas Ray, David Lynch, Francis Coppola, Tony Scott and Julian Schnabel. His first directing effort EASY RIDER forever changed the history and direction of the independent film.

Director Statement:

Dennis had a reputation for being a restless maverick and sometimes self-destructive genius, who was revered and reviled for his perfectionism. I had the privilege of meeting him in his later years where he dressed like a gentleman and couldn’t have been more gracious and candid with me about his past.

When I saw the footage I got and thought about what this amazingly talented artist had gone through and ended up achieving, I realized the importance of telling his story. Creating a revealing portrait of this phenomenal actor, director, photographer and fine artist who defined a generation and gave birth to independent films in Hollywood has been a total pleasure.

Dennis gave me a great gift, and a way for me to communicate what I feel is important about never quitting what one is determined to do despite the odds against one.

I think it's something Dennis would really be proud of, and that makes me very happy.

Attending: Cass Warner & Susan Morgan Cooper [co-producer and co-writer]

Screening with Pehelwani

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