- 'Films' of: April 20-27, 2018

  Welcome to the 17th Annual Tiburon International Film Festival, a showcase for independent feature and short films from around the world. There are 33 countries participating this year with subjects ranging from fiction, music to animation, current events.....and documentaries.

Our tribute is to Pier Paolo Pasolini, the great Italian poet, and filmmaker who is known for such films as Mamma Roma, Accattone, Teorema.....

We are delighted to show The Isle of Medea, a documentary about his collaboration with Maria Callas directed by his fellow Italian filmmaker Sergio Naitza.

The festival popular program, Marin Filmmakers has been the most successful program created for the local film community, with some interesting films such as Girl Code, Jail Bird, Paradise Cove, Spark Plug Cowboys, Return of Harbor Porpoises to SF Bay, D for DOCs, Olivia....and a feature-length film, Mata Hari - The Naked Spy, which looks at "a self-made woman [Mata Hari] whose boldness and sexuality threatened the male establishment."

While the local filmmakers have been given an opportunity to shine with their films, Bay Area Showcase will look at the filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area, with some very talented filmmakers who will present their latest films: Alexa and May, Man's Best Friend, Aloha, Hidden Life, Strayed, Surviving International Boulevard.

To support the documentary films, the festival presents such films as The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels, about the rise of The Beatles and their company Apple, The Silicon Valley Revolution, an entertaining documentary about how this place became the world capital of computer indusrty, Pushkar Myths, about a fascinating annual gathering of fun fair with Ferris wheels and carousels, music from folklore to rock and colorful dance performances in India, and Jamaica Man, a biographical picaresque of a highly stylized and unconventional portrait of a raconteur British expat.

The festival as always pays extra attention to the current events, and this year is presenting two films on the political crisis in the world, with Inside the Russian Info War Machine, on how Russia manipulates public opinion, undermines democratic governments and attempts to alter world events, and Our New President, on details of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential election, which should not be missed.

Our Salute to Women Directors contains films made by 22 female directors from around the world.

On the lighter side, a dark comedy, Elvis Walks Home is about an Albanian Elvis impersonator who is caught in the middle of Balkan wars undecided to follow his Elvis dreams or sacrifice them to save children whose only dream is to stay alive.

Poster Designed By: Parisa Sahafiasl

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