Past Winners of the "Golden Reel Awards"
Description:   The past winners of the Golden Reel Awards are:


Best Film: Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Story [Russia]
Best Director: Karen Shakhnazarov, for: Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Story [Russia]
Best Actor: Reza Behboodi, for: Do You Hear Me? [Iran]
Best Actress: Elizaveta Boyarskaya, for: Anna Karenina [Russia]
Best Documentary: The Silicon Valley Revolution>, directed by: Jan Tenhaven [Germany]
Best Screenplay: Juliusz Machulski, for: Volta [Poland]
Best Cinematography: Aleksandr Kuznetsov & Alik Tagirov, for: Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Story [Russia]
Humanitarian Award: Elvis Walks Home, directed by: Fatmir Koçi [Albania]
Best Short: The Day My House Fell, directed by: Thessa Meijer [Netherlands]
Best Music Video: Aloha, directed by: Molly Barata [USA]
Best Animation: Miss Hong, directed by: Jong Ki Jeon [South Korea]
Federico Fellini Award: Sergio Naitza, for: The Isle of Medea [Italy]
Orson Welles Award: Becky Smith, for: August In Berlin [USA]
Best Student Film: All of Us, directed by: Katja Benrath [Germany]
Best Experimental Film: With My Own Two Hands, directed by: Michaël Barocas [France]
Best Children’s Film: Barefoot, directed by: Jan Sverák [Czech Republic]
Audience Award: Mata Hari - The Naked Spy, directed by: Susan Wolf [USA] & Machiel Amorison [Netherlands]


Best Film: Past Imperfect [Belgium]
Best Director: Nathalie Teirlinck, for: Past Imperfect [Belgium]
Best Actor: Ashraf Barhoum, for: The Curve [Jordan]
Best Actress: Evelyne Brochu, for: Past Imperfect [Belgium]
Best Documentary: 2 Girls, directed by: Marco Speroni [Italy]
Best Screenplay: Azita Iraei, for: A House on 41st Street [Iran]
Best Cinematography: Petr Hojda, for: The Devil’s Mistress [Czech Republic]
Humanitarian Award: Born in Syria, directed by: Hernán Zin [Denmark]
Best Short: Spark, directed by: Juan Martinez Vera [USA]
Best Musical: NO, A Flamenco Tale, Directed by: Jose Luis Tirado [Spain]
Best Music Video: Try A Little Tenderness, directed by: Roy Wol [USA]
Best Animation: Jubilee, directed by: Coralie, Piogé, Duvert, El Kadiri, Marmion [France]
Best Comedy: I Love You Heavenly, directed by: Miloslav Šmídmajer [Czech Republic]
Federico Fellini Award: Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, for: That Trip We Took with Dad [Romania]
Orson Welles Award: Randolph Benson, for: The Searchers [USA]
Best Student Film: Solo, directed by: Matthew Puccini [USA]
Best Children’s Film: Father, directed by: Lella Satie [Canada]


Best Film: Demimonde [Hungary]
Best Director: Attila Szász, for: Demimonde [Hungary]
Best Actor: János Kulka, for Demimonde [Hungary]
Best Actress: Sareh Bayat, for: Oblivion Season [Iran]
Best Documentary: Humberto, directed by: Carlos Barba Salva [Cuba]
Best Screenplay: Norbert Köbli, for: Demimonde [Czech Republic]
Best Cinematography: András Nagy, for: Demimonde [Hungary]
Humanitarian Award: Life on the Border [Syria/Iraq]
Best Short: Joanna, directed by: Panagiotis Fafoutis [Greece]
Best Musical: Let's Dance to the Rhythm, directed by: Bardroy Barretto [India]
Best Music Video: Moving Yerevan, directed by: Jevan Chowdhury [UK/Armenia]
Best Animation: Alike, directed by: Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Méndez [Spain]
Best Comedy: Silver Skies, directed by: Rosemary Rodriguez [USA]
Federico Fellini Award: Agnieszka Smoczyńska, for: The Lure [Poland]
Orson Welles Award: Janelle Gueits, for: 13 Million Voices [USA]
Best Experimental Film: The Lausanne Experience, directed by: Sylvain Botter [Switzerland]
Best Student Film: Olicer J. Munoz, for: Silent Soldier [USA]
Best Short Children’s Film: Mo's Bows, directed by: Jennifer Treuting & Kristen [USA]


Best Film: Queen of the Mountains, directed by: Sadyk Sher Niyaz [Kyrgyzstan]
Best Director: Vinko Möderndorfer, for: Inferno [Slovenia]
Best Actor: Nolan Mecham, for Neon Sky [USA]
Best Actress: Barbara Hershey, for: Sister [USA]
Best Documentary: Once My Mother, directed by: Sophia Turkiewicz [Australia]
Best Screenplay: Rudolf Havlík, for: All My Tomorrows [Czech Republic]
Best Cinematography: Murat Aliyev, for: Queen of the Mountains [Kyrgyzstan]
Humanitarian Award: Red Lines, directed by: Andrea Kalin [USA]
Best Short: First Degree, directed by: Roger Weisberg [USA]
Best Musical: Beatles, directed by: Peter Flinth [Norway]
Best Music Video: Mona Lisa, directed by: Peter Michael Escovedo [USA]
Best Animation: LADY and the frog, directed by: Tina T. Hsu [USA]
Best Comedy: The Grandad, directed by: Bjarni Haukur Thorsson [Iceland]
Federico Fellini Award: Attila Szász, for: The Ambassador to Bern [Hungary]
Orson Welles Award: David Lascher, for: Sister [USA]
Best Experimental Film: Enfilade, directed by: David Coyle [Australia]
Best Student Film: Manuel Vogel, for: The Way You Die [Germany]
Best Children’s Film: Amka and the Three Golden Rules, directed by: Babar Ahmed [Mongolia]
Best Short Children’s Film: Seagulls, directed by: Martin Smith [Scotland]


Best Film: The Ferry, directed by: Shi Wei [China]
Best Director: Jacek Bromski, for: One Way Ticket to the Moon [Poland]
Best Actor: Ercan Kesal, for Yozgat Blues [Turkey]
Best Actress: Simona Stasova, for: The Self Lover [Czech Republic]
Best Documentary: Healing a Solder’s Heart, directed by: Stephen Olsson [USA]
Best Screenplay: Abdelilah Hamdouchi, for: Behind Closed Doors [Morocco]
Best Cinematography: Dave Mossop & Eric Crosland, for: Into the Mind [Canada]
Humanitarian Award: Welcome Yankee, directed by: Benoit Desjardins [Canada]
Best Short: Haleema, directed by: Boris Schaarschmidt [Sudan]
Best Musical: The White Horse Inn, directed by: Christian Theede [Germany]
Best Music Video: Moving Out, directed by: Sean McCarthy [USA]
Best Animation: Monkey Rag, directed by: Joanna Davidovich [USA]
Best Comedy: Jake Squared, directed by: Howard Goldberg [USA]
Federico Fellini Award: Ali Jaberansari, for: Falling Leaves [Iran]
Orson Welles Award: Sophie Le Neveu, for: America [USA]
Best Experimental Film: This is Shanghai, directed by: Robert Whitworth [China]
Best Student Film: Joo Hyun Lee, for: Sweet Corn [South Korea]
Best Children’s Film: Little Brother, directed by: Serik Aprymov [Kazakhstan]
Best Short Children’s Film: Practice Makes Perfect, directed by: Devon Avery [UK]


Best Film: The Empty Home, directed by: Nurbek Ege [Kyrgyzstan]
Best Director: Antti Jokinen, for: Purge [Finland]
Best Actor: Raivo Tamm, for Mushrooming [Estonia]
Best Actress: Jiřina Bohdalová, for: Oldies but Goldies [Czech Republic]
Best Documentary: CHAR... the No-Man's Island, directed by: Sourav Sarangi [India]
Best Screenplay: Marcel Beaulieu & Séverine Cornamusaz, for: Cyanide [Switzerland]
Best Cinematography: Rauno Ronkainen, for: Purge [Finland]
Humanitarian Award: The Siege, directed by: Angus Gibson & Miguel Salazar [Columbia]
Best Short: That Wasn’t Me, directed by: Esteban Crespo [Spain]
Best Musical: El Rey, directed by: Stefan Lechner [Austria]
Best Animation: Green Acres, directed by: James Beck [USA]
Best Comedy: The President, directd by: Erik de Bruyn [Netherlands]
Federico Fellini Award: Merve Ince, for: Gassal [Turkey]
Orson Welles Award: Jonathan Holiff, for: My Father and The Man In Black [USA]
Best Experimental Film: Felix, directed by: Anselm Belser [Germany]
Best Student Film: Eti Tsicko, for Dog Leash [Israel]
Best Children’s Film: Another Christmas, directed by: David Blankleider [Uruguay]
Audience Choice Award: Running for Jim, directed by: Robin Hauser Reynolds & Dan Noyes [USA]


Best Film: Lovely Man, directed by: Teddy Soeriaatmadja [Indonesia]
Best Director: Teddy Soeriaatmadja, for: Lovely Man [Indonesia]
Best Actor: Colm Meaney, for The Perfect Stranger [Spain/Ireland]
Best Actress: Tan Zhuo, for: Mr. Tree [China]
Best Documentary: Mustafa's Sweet Dreams, directed by: Angelos Abazoglou [Greece]
Best Screenplay: Emiliano Corapi, for: On the Way Home [Italy]
Best Cinematography: Adrian Teijido, for: The Clown [Brazil]
Humanitarian Award: Burma Displaced, directed by: Roland Wehap [Austria]
Best Short: Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys, directed by: Jens Assur [Sweden]
Best Musical: Samba Beats, directed by: Bebeto Abrantes [Brazil]
Best Music Video: Colder, directed by: Ilaria D'Elia [Italy/UK]
Best Dance Short Film: Shall We Dance?, directed by: Daniel Azancot [Spain]
Best Animation: The Game, directed by: Marcin Janiec [Poland]
Federico Fellini Award: Ivan Grbovic, for: Romeo Eleven [Canada]
Orson Wells Award: Rubaiyat Hossain, for: Meherjaan [USA]
Best Experimental Film: Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, directed by: Robert Whitworth [Vietnam]
Best Student Film: Tyler Zelinsky, for European Son [USA]
Best Children’s Film: Dekh Indian Circus, directed by: Mangesh Hadawale [India]


Best Film: Little Rose by Jan Kidawa-Blonski [Poland]
Best Director: Jan Kidawa-Blonski for Little Rose [Poland]
Best Actor: Miroslav Donutil for Novel for Men [Czech Republic]
Best Actress: Magdalena Boczarska for Little Rose [Poland]
Best Documentary: Cultures of Resistance by Iara Lee [USA]
Best Screenplay: Szabolcs Hajdu for Bibliothčque Pascal [Hungary]
Best Cinematography: Bibliothčque Pascal by András Nagy [Hungary]
Humanitarian Award: Understanding Trafficking by Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborti [India]
Best Short: Minutes, Hours by Janaina Marques [Cuba]
Best Music Video: Into My Heart by Paul O'Bryan [USA]
Best Dance Short Film: Tracking Happiness by Mircea Cantor [France]
Best Animation: Babell by Hendrick Dusollier [France]
Best Sport Film: From the Dirt by Matthew Rodgers [USA]
Federico Fellini Award: Olaf Saumer for Suicide Club [Germany]
Orson Wells Award: Jeremy Veverka & Jesse Veverka for China: The Rebirth of an Empire [USA]
Best Experimental Film: Hand to Hand by Tamás Wormser [Canada]
Best Student Film: Shelter by Robert Kolodny [USA]
Best Comedy: I Love You by Sermiyan Midyat [Turkey]
Best Children’s Film: David & Kamal by Kikuo Kawasaki [Japan/Israel]


Best Film: A Step Into the Darkness by Atil Inac [Turkey]
Best Director: Ryszard Bugajski for General Nil [Poland]
Best Actor: Olgierd Lukaszewicz for General Nil [Poland]
Best Actress: Leonor Manso for Luisa [Spain]
Best Documentary: Petition by Zhao Liang [China]
Best Cinematography: The Red Baron by Klaus Merkel [Czech Republic]
Humanitarian Award: Under Rich Earth by Malcolm Rogge [Ecuador/US]
Best Musical: Hipsters by Valery Todorovsky [Russia]
Best Short: Ana's Playground by Eric D. Howell [US]
Best Music Video: City of Noise by Mitch Barany [Canada]
Best Dance Short Film: Waterfront Access? by Floanne Ankah [US]
Best Animation: The Magistical by Rebecca Jones [US]
Best Short Animation: Solitude by Mehrdad Sheikhan [Iran] & The Offering by Michael Z. Huber [US]
Best Sport Film: Bicycle Dreams by Stephen Au erbach [US]
Federico Fellini Award: Elchin Musaoglu for The 40th Door [Azerbaijan]
Orson Wells Award: Craig Johnson for True Adolescents [US]
Best Experimental Film: Next Floor by Denis Villeneuve [Canada]
Best Student Film: Diploma by Yaelle Kayam [Israel]
Best Comedy: The Wish Tree by Liina Paakspuu [Estonia]
Best Children’s Film: Tahaan by Santosh Sivan [India]


Best Film: Guard No. 47 [Czech Republic]
Best Director: Filip Renč for Guard No. 47 [Czech Republic]
Best Actor: Nicke Lignell for Colorado Avenue [Finland]
Best Actress: Lucia Siposova for Guard No. 47 [Czech Republic]
Best Documentary: Final Image directed by Andres Habegger [Argentina]
Best Cinematography: Karel Fairaisl for Guard No. 47 [Czech Republic]
Humanitarian Award: Familiar Voices by Danny Mendoza [Canada]
Best Musical: Paraiba My Love by Bernard Robert-Charrue [Switzerland]
Best Score: South of the Moon by Antonio DiVerdis [Canada]
Best Short: Directions by Kasimir Burgess [Australia]
Best Music Video: License to Love by Steve Gatlin [US]
Best Dance Short Film: Nora by Alla Kovgan & David Hinton [Mozambique]
Best Animation: Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley [US]
Best Short Animation: Disbelief Will Save Your Soul by Samuel Weikopf [Germany]
Best Sports Film: Lift by Anthony Green from [US/France]
Federico Fellini Award: Joe Chowfor for Seventeen [China]
Orson Wells Award: Jonathan Lawton for Jackson [US]
Best Experimental Film: Colour Test.6 by Gerd Conradt [Germany]
Best Student Film: The Fenceline by Brian Rasmussen [US]
Best Comedy: The Grapes by Tomáš Barina [Czech Republic]
Best Children’s Film: The Map Reader by Harold Brodie [New Zealand]


Best Film: The Yellow House, directed by: Amor Hakkar [Algeria]
Best Director: Zoltan Kamondi, for: Dolina [Hungary]
Best Actor: Jan Decleir, for A Perfect Match [Belgium]
Best Actress: Minnie Driver, for Take [US]
Best Documentary: Behind Forgotten Eyes, directed by: Anthony Gilmore [US/Korea/Japan]
Best Cinematography: Lazlo Kovacs & Zoltan Honti, for: Torn from the Flag [Hungary]
Humanitarian Award: Welcome Europa, directed by: Bruno Ulmer [France]
Best Musical: The Samba Poet, directed by: Ricardo Van Steen [Brazil]
Best Short: Julieta, directed by: Raul Antonio Caballero Carreto [Mexico]
Best Music Video: Gone, directed by: Andrew Watson [US]
Best Dance Short Film: The Rain, directed by: Pontus Lidberg [Sweden]
Best Animation: One Night in a City, directed by: Jan Baledj [Czech Republic]
Best Sports Film: Row Hard, No Excuses, directed by: Luke Wolbach [US]
Federico Fellini Award: Miaoyan Zhang for: Xiaolin Xiaoli [China]
Orson Wells Award: In the Name of the Son, directed by: Harun Mehmedinovic [US]
Best Experimental Film: Agnieszka 2039, directed by: Martin Gauvreau [UK]
Best Student Film: The Vaudevillian, directed by: Bryan Nest [US]
Best Comedy: American Fork, directed by: Chris Bowman [US]
Best Children’s Film: The Flyboys, directed by: [US]
Audience Award: Spine Tingler, directed by: Jeffery Schwarz [US]


Best Film: A White Ballad, Directed by: Stefano Odoardi (Italy)
Best Director: István Szabó, for: Relatives (Hungary)
Best Actor: Janne Virtanen, for: Frozen City (Finland)
Best Actress: Céline Bonnier, for: Forgive Me (Canada)
Best Documentary: The Sermons of Sister Jane, by: Irving Saraf, Allie Light, Carol Monpere (US)
Humanitarian Award: Rwanda. Through Us, Humanity, Directed by: Marie-France Collard (Belgium)
Best Musical Documentary: Si Sos Brujo: A Tango Story, Directed by: Caroline Neal (Argentine)
Best Short: Hero by Nature, Directed by: Roger Cantin (Canada)
Best Music Video: King Without a Crown, Directed by: P.R. Brown (US)
Best Animation: Temerario, Directed by: Carl Zitelmann (UK)
Best Sports Film: Peel: The Peru Project, Directed by: Wes Brown & T.J. Barrack (US)
Federico Fellini Award: Brigit Moller, for: Valerie (Germany)
Orson Wells Award: Janghun Troy Choi, for; Blind Love (US)
Best Experimental Film: Quio: So Dazed, Directed by: Christine Lang (Germany)
Best Student Film: 365 Boots on Ground, Directed by: KC Wayland (US)
Best Comedy: Romeo and Juliet Get Married, Directed by: Bruno Barreto (Brazil)
Best Children’s Film: The Tillamook Treasure, Directed by: Jane Beaumont Hall (US)


Best Film: Stolen Life, by: Li Shaohong (China)
Best Director: Vladan Nikolic, for: Love (USA)
Best Actor: Monty Lapica, for: Self Medicated (USA)
Best Actress: Marzia Tedeschi, for: For Bread Alone (Italy)
Best Documentary: In the Shadow of the Palms, by: Wayne Coles-Janess (Australia)
Humanitarian Award: Faces of Change, by: Michele Stephenson (USA/Brazil/India/Mauritania/Bulgaria/South Africa)
Best Musical Documentary: Karoo Kitar Blues, by: Liza Key (South Africa)
Best Short: Before Dawn, by: Balint Kenyeres (Hungary)
Best Music Video: Sign of the Times, by: Ole Brereton (USA)
Best Animation: The Legend of the Scarecrow, by: Marco Besas (Spain)
Best Short Music: West Bank Story, by Ari Sandel (USA). And winner of an Academy Award for the Best Short Film (February 25, 2007).
Best Sports Film: Super Champion Funzone, Directed by: Ty Evans, Aaron Meza, Spike Jonze, Cory Weincheque (USA)
Federico Fellini Award: Karim Quelhadj, for: Parabola (Belgium)
Orson Wells Award: Jeff Morris, for: You Did What? (USA)
Best Experimental Film: Between You and Me, by: Patryk Rebisz (USA)
Best Student Film: Second Round, by: Phillip Briggs (USA)
Best Comedy: Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo, by: Les Claypool (USA)
Best Children’s Film: Mickybo and Me, by: Terry Loane (Ireland)
Audience Award: The Breakup Artist, by: Vincent Rubino (USA)


Best Film: Nothing, by: Stefan Sarazin (Germany)
Best Director: David Grieco, for Evilenko (Italy)
Best Screenplay: Mike Bencivenga & Richard Levine, for: Happy Hour (US)
Best Cinematography: Jefferey Seckendorf, for: Finding Home (US)
Best Short: Shift, by: Peter Keller (Germany)
Best Documentary: The Forest for the Trees (US)
Best Experimental Film: Notes from the Space Time Continuim (Canada)
Best New Talent: Nicholas Robbins, for Anathema (US)
Best Animation: The Man Without a Head, by: Juan Solanas (France)
Best Student Film: Freedom from Despair, by: Brenda Brkusic (USA/Croatia)
Best Sports Film: Never Been Done, by: Matt Powers (US)
Humanitarian Award: Peace One Day, by: Jeremy Gilley (UK)
Orson Welles Award: Victoria Para Chino, by: Cary Fukunaga (US)
Federico Fellini Award: 2+1, by: Philippe Safir (France)
Best Musical: Dame La Mano, by: Heddy Honigmann (France/The Netherlands)
Best Music Video: Kicking the Heart Out, by: Ryan Kurt Whiting (US)
Best Children's Film: Fern Hill, by: Cole Claassen (US) & Yoshino’s Barbershop, by: Naoko Ogigami (Japan)
Best Comedy: Call Waiting, by: Jodi Binstock (US)
Audience Award: Cuba Libre, by: Juan Gerard (Dominican Republic)


Best Film: The Gift, Directed by: Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy)
Best Director: Ventura Pons, for: Anita Takes A Chance (Spain)
Best Screenplay: The Bookstore, Written by: Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba (Tunisia)
Best Cinematography: The Gun, By: Kirill Davidoff (USA)
Best Documentary: Aging Out , Directed by: Roger Weisberg & Vanessa Roth (USA) & Entertaining Vietnam Directed by: Mara Wallis (USA)
Best Short Film: Another Way of Seeing Things, Directed by: Cory Taylor (USA)
Best New Talent: Jeffrey French, for: Win Each Way (USA)
Best Animation: Still Life, Directed by: Andre Lyon (USA); Ext. 21, Directed by: Lizzie Oxby (UK)
Humanitarian Award: Shooting Conflicts, Directed by: Noam Shalev (Israel)
Orson Welles Award: Karin Hayes & Victoria Bruce, for: The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (USA)
Federico Fellini Award: James Pellerito, for: "Tides" (USA/Italy)
Best Musical Film: Life On Jupiter, Directed by: Martin Spinelli (USA)
Best Sports Film: High Speed, Directed by: Jeff Jensen (UK/Italy)
Best Comedy: Don: Plain & Tall, Directed by: Scott Peters (USA)
Best Children Film: Within the Wall, Directed by: Paula Nieman (USA)
Audience Award: The Last Just Man, Directed by: Steven Silver (Canada)


Best Film: Octavia, Directed by Dasilio Martin Patino (Spain)
Best Director: Vangelis Serdaris, The 7th Sun of Love (Greece)
Best Screenplay: Eva Lopez-Sanchez for Francisca (Mexico)
Best Documentary: Kumbh Mela, Directed by Maurizio Benazzo (Italy) & Nick Day (UK)
Best Short Film: The Eyeglasses, Directed by Irina Sitkova (Russia)
Best New Talent: Ray Daly Jr. for Fighting Irish (USA)
Best Animation: Eternal Gaze, Directed by Sam Chen (USA)
Humanitarian Awards:
1- Civilian Casualties, Directed by Frances Anderson (USA);
2- The Children of Ibdaa, Directed by S. Smith Patrick (USA);
3- Improbable Pairs, Directed by Paul Andrews & Frances Dose (USA)
Federico Fellini Award: Tim Clayton for Foley Street (UK)
Best Children's Film: A Little Monk, Directed by Kyung-Jung Joo (S. Korea)
Best (Short) Children's Film: Birju, Directed by Heeraz Marfatia (India)
Audience Award: Get A Way, Directed by Noah Nuer (France)


Best Film: Maryam, Directed by: Ramin Serry (US)
Best Director: Bennett Rathnayake, for: The Compensation (Sri Lanka)
Best Screenplay: Warren Skeels, for: Surfacing (US)
Best Documentary: Our House in Havana, Directed by: Stephen Olsson (US)
Best Short Film: Sweet, Directed by: Elyse Couvillion (US)
Best Comedy: Do It For Uncle Manny, Directed by: Adam Baratta (US)
Best Experimental Film: Hypocrite, Directed by: David Chalker (US)
Best Children's Film: Amy, Directed by: Nadia Tass (Australia)
Best Student Film: Imagination, Directed by: Danica Decosto (US)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Snyder (US)
Audience Award: Returning Mickey Stern, Directed by: Michael Prywes (US)

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